10 Benefits of Booking a Private Villa for Your Next Holiday in Asia

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Read on to find out TOP 10 reasons to book a private villa for your next holiday in Asia!


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The year 2022 will be a landmark for many reasons, not least of which is that it's predicted to bring about the resumption on large-scale tourism. Of course, COVID-19 is likely to have a significant impact on how you travel and what kind of cleanliness standards are expected while you're away from home... What is certain though? In the age of social distancing, short term holiday rentals will lean more heavily than ever before towards privacy as their promise lies within this one thing - staying safe in your own private haven!

However, when it comes to considering staying in a luxury holiday villa in Asia, there are still some clichés that hold sway. If you're like most people, the words 'vacation' and 'private villa' don't usually go together in the same sentence and you probably think of villas as the refuge of the super-rich.

Well, we think this article will enlighten you. It turns out private villas aren’t just for mega-wealthy clientele and there are plenty around without that prerequisite (though naturally it helps). That's why booking a private villa is such a great option – it gives you all the comforts of home plus plenty of space to spread out.

Read on to find out TOP 10 reasons to book a private villa for your next holiday in Asia!

Value for Money

Staying in a private vacation villa can be cheaper than staying at an expensive 5-star hotel when sharing with friends or family! The average cost per bed thus becomes affordable and you get all of these unique services, facilities and amenities that hotels usually don't offer on an exclusive basis.

Peace of Mind

If you are looking for a villa, but don't know where to start or want peace of mind when booking due your trip getting cancelled  by further COVID-19 restrictions or lockdowns, then look no further than Villasia! Our experts will guide you every step along the way and most villa owners will provide you with an open date voucher or return your funds, so that you can enjoy worry-free planning for your next vacation in Asia.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

At our luxury villas you'll find only the highest quality of health and sanitation measures to ensure the utmost safety while you enjoy your villa. All staff working in the villas is vaccinated, wash their hands and disinfect the premises regularly and always wear personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves.


When you're looking for a place to escape the crowds, tranquility and privacy are top priorities. We have all of that in spades with our luxury villas! They are located far enough from the noise of crowded tourist areas but there's no shortage what so ever when it comes time for adventure or relaxation; everything your heart desires can easily be found just outside your villa's doors. Inside your haven, the in-villa staff will always be attentive, but discreet enough not to be overbearing so that you'll enjoy your privacy in complete freedom.


Are you disappointed with the size of these often small hotel rooms that only offer basic amenities? When you stay in a private villa, not only are there more than enough bedrooms to accommodate your family and friends, but you will also benefit from a fully equipped kitchen, and above all many  private indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, large terraces, lush lawns, a private pool and, of course, always with stunning views!


We know that a stay in our luxury villas is more than just housing. That's why we offer concierge services and why your villa manager is on hand to make your visit as special and enjoyable for you, from arranging tours or taxis to organizing events on-site at the villa! Let us help with all the planning so when it comes time to enjoy these beautiful spots of paradise - there will be no shortage of local activities or new experiences!


Luxury private villas offer a safe haven for families, providing the comfort and luxury that you deserve. No need to burden yourself when traveling abroad; some luxurious accommodations come equipped with spacious children's bedrooms with twin or bunk beds, and filled with toys and games so little ones can feel at home while staying in their own room and having fun playing  while parents can relax in their own master suite!

Memories & Experience

Asian holiday villas are the perfect place to make memories. They offer all of your senses a stimulating experience with their abundant amenities and serene surroundings. Try in-villa dining - you'll be served by your personal Chef in an exclusive dining experience that will make any foodie drool!  It's an opportunity you won't want to miss! When you rent a luxury vacation home from Villasia - we'll give your memories an upscale treatment that money can't buy! With beautiful views that capture every angle imaginable, or cocktail parties on evenings filled only by candlelight; there really is something special about each moment in these luxury villas that can be uniquely tailored just how you prefer them. Let us make your memories greatest than your dream!


Having a great time in your private villa is the best way to recharge after all that work. You can indulge yourself with accessing one of many entertainment options. And if that's not incentive enough - just wait until we tell you about top-notch media choices - some villas even have plush private cinemas. If fitness and wellness are more up your alley then some villas are also equipped with state of art gyms as well as sauna or massage rooms where stress melts away quickly. It doesn't matter what type sporty personifies because we have something special planned out at every turn: whether you're into golfing, tennis or cycling. Others will just enjoy stunning games room equipped with bowling alleys, tennis table or pool table! Be careful, some guests may no longer want to leave the villa :)



Villasia offers a one-of-a kind service for those who want to find the perfect holiday villa and enjoy their vacation. Our expert team is dedicated to finding the perfect luxury villa for your holidays in ThailandSri Lanka or Indonesia, so you can relax knowing we’ve got everything covered.

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