Songkran – The Most Wanted Holiday in Thailand

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Celebrating Songkran Festival is a must tick in your bucket list. But what exactly is Songkran?

The Songkran Festival is a period when the Thai people cleanse and pour water mixed with Thai fragrance on Buddha images. The festival also showcases a bathing ritual where the people pour water on the senior Buddhist monks. This process is believed to bring good luck to them. This ancient festival celebrates the Thai New Year, April 13 through April 15.
In South East Asia, the New Year comes about this time (April). You will only hear the word Songkran if you stay in Thailand. In Sri Lanka for example, the appropriate term is “Sinhalese New Year”.

Tradition has changed…

Let’s talk tradition… To poor water on the senior Buddhist monks and on your parents is a traditional way to celebrate Songkran, it brings them good luck. But things have changed in the past few years! Because of the burning weather, people actually enjoy sprinkling water on each other. The tradition has changed from “pooring water” to “splashing water”.

Yes, the new generation knows Songkran as The Ultimate Water Festival! It actually set a Guinness World Record for the “Largest water pistol fight” in Bangkok. Craziness at its best - This is the time where Thai people stop working, go on the street and spray water to everybody! You must be prepared to experience something unbelievable, Thai people and their kindness make it even more enjoyable.

Different town, different celebrations… The most popular towns to celebrate it are Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and Pai. Bangkok will be the busiest town. The top beach destination like Phuket and Koh Samui gives you an amazing feeling for the Water fight – A beach water festival, what else can we ask for? This is something different to do on your vacation.

“After the water fight, we came back to our luxury villa to continue the fight in the infinity swimming pool…” – This is not something you say everyday…

Tips for surviving Songkran Day
1. Get a waterproof camera – you will be soaking wet!
2. Wear easy clothes – your expensive clothes will be ruined.
3. Protect your skin with sunscreen – April will be very hot!
4. Avoid driving a motorbike – roads will be slippery because of the water.
5. Have fun – it’s not every day you can participate into the biggest water fight!

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