Luxury by the Sea: Unveiling Koh Samui’s Best Beaches for Villa Stays

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One of Thailand’s larger islands, Koh Samui is blessed with a diversity of beautiful beaches, from deserted stretches of sand to hidden coves to those where you can wine and dine in style while soaking up the sea views. Here are some of our favourites.

Chaweng Beach

Chaweng is Samui’s most popular beach, with plenty of places to eat, shop and dance the night away. With five kilometres of sand to explore and bustling streets inland, Chaweng is home to all things fun and beachy from rustic beach huts serving beer and snacks to upscale cocktail bars. Laze the day away on a sun lounger or hire a standup paddleboard or kayak and explore Chaweng’s azure shoreline.

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Choeng Mon Beach

Choeng Mon Beach is in a gorgeous cove on Samui’s northeast coast with the tiny island of Fan Noi beckoning just offshore. At low tide it’s possible to walk to the island, otherwise you could spend the day simply relaxing on the sands or dining in one of the sea-view restaurants. There’s a quieter, family-friendly scene here, or for an even more peaceful day in the sun visit the nearby Plai Laem Beach.

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Bang Rak Beach

Also known as Big Buddha beach for its 12m golden Buddha statue, is a lovely length of sand with a more secluded feel than some of Samui’s more popular beaches. Stroll along Bang Rak’s three-kilometre span or indulge in a peaceful swim or snorkelling session, with a select number of restaurants and bars to enjoy some refreshments afterwards. The adjacent Bo Phut Beach is another fabulous chillout beach, with its central Fisherman’s Village with lovely Chinese wooden shophouses and a distinct French flair reflecting its expat population. Here’s the place to find unique clothing, jewellery and other treasures in the boutique shops, as well as a rich variety of local street food and cafes.

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Maenam Beach

Nestled on the north coast of Koh Samui, retains a local charm. This expansive stretch of golden sand, lined with swaying palm trees, offers a relaxed atmosphere that caters to a diverse crowd. A variety of restaurants and bars line the beach road, offering everything from fresh seafood dishes to international cuisine. For those seeking water activities, jet ski rentals and local boat tours can be found, while the calm waters are ideal for trying out stand-up paddleboarding. Maenam Beach offers a perfect blend of relaxation, exploration, and local flavor, making it a favorite among travellers seeking a quintessential Koh Samui experience.

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Bang Por Beach

Gracing the northwest coast of Koh Samui, offers a serene escape ideal for those who prefer a laid-back island experience. Unlike its more bustling counterparts, Bang Por Beach boasts a peaceful ambiance, perfect for families seeking tranquility. The fine, white sand stretches for over 3 kilometers, providing ample space to relax and soak up the sun. Gentle waves lap at the shore, and the shallow waters create a safe and inviting environment for swimming and paddling. While the options for beachfront restaurants might be slightly limited compared to other beaches, charming local eateries can be found lining the road behind the beach, offering a taste of authentic Thai cuisine.

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Lipa Noi Beach

Nestled on Koh Samui’s west coast, not far from the car ferry pier, Lipa Noi Beach offers a hidden gem. This spectacular white-sand beach boasts all the tropical beauty one could desire, yet it has managed to stay off the main tourist track. Lipa Noi’s calm, clear waters and shallow bay create the perfect environment for families seeking a fun and relaxing day out. Be sure to linger on the beach to witness the breathtaking sunsets, an unforgettable experience to end a perfect day in paradise.

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Lamai Beach

Koh Samui’s second-longest, pulses with a vibrant energy. Soft sand beckons sunbathers, calm waters invite swimmers, and restaurants line the beach with global flavors. While the north offers a relaxed vibe with longtail boats, the south explodes with nightlife, making Lamai ideal for those seeking a fun-filled island escape.

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South Samui’s Beaches

Escape the crowds and head south to Koh Samui’s hidden gems. Laem Set Beach has a truly tropical getaway feel with its towering coconut palms and smooth boulders providing a picturesque landscape. While its shallow waters are not ideal for swimming, Laem Set is a great spot to restore the senses and enjoy a blissful escape on the soft sand. Further along the southern tip, Taling Ngam unveils a dramatic landscape with towering rock formations framing a hidden beach. This off-the-beaten-path paradise promises serenity and a truly unique escape for those seeking an unforgettable Koh Samui experience.

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