Luxury villa rentals selection – nothing left to chance

There is an increasing number of villas available on Asia’s booming luxury villa rentals market, yet all too often they are managed by amateurs. We only feature villas managed by professionals who offer superior standards of hospitality, so that every guest remains in a "Trust Bubble" throughout their entire journey. Villasia also prioritises respect for the environment; we value harmonious integration with nature, and respect for local culture and regional architecture. We take good care of the local staff employed at the villas, ensure they are well trained and implement superior hygiene & cleaning procedures.

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Bespoke recommendations for your stay

Of course, your needs will differ depending on the purpose of your stay: a trip with your family, a reunion with friends? A corporate retreat or a wedding? A spectacular infinity pool might be a dream for a group of friends, but a nightmare for parents of young children. A gym may delight fitness lovers, but maybe a family would rather opt for a bunk bedroom or a playroom to keep kids entertained. No matter your reason, we select the finest luxury private villas and cater to each of your requests individually.

Our commitments

  • - Best rates obtained directly from owners. No hidden fees.
  • - Customer service available 7 days a week by WhatsApp
  • - Personalised guest service for each request
  • - Secure payment by PayPal, TransferWise, Credit Card or Bank Transfer
  • - Singapore-based company with an OCBC business account
  • - Optional Insurance Coverage
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